Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mother Ease One Size Fitteds

One Size: Diapers that have vertical rows of snaps that allow the rise of the diaper to be adjusted as the baby grows.
Fitteds: An absorbent piece designed to fit like a diaper without requiring folding, pinning, or twisting. These require a waterproof cover.

These are my husbands favorite diaper. They are not mine.

  • trimmer than prefolds
  • absorbent (terry cloth sucks everything up like a bath towel)
  • adjustable (both width and height actually accommodate a good range of sizes)
  • they really never wear out (mine are on their third baby bum (that I know of) and show no signs of wear. These diapers are seriously made to last
  • very rookie friendly
  • they didn't go small enough even for my 9 lb newborn, they fit her when she was around 13 lbs
  • the terry cloth isn't very soft (granted, mine are very used. maybe it's better new?)
  • on its widest setting, a second set of snaps rest against the baby's skin in a way that looks uncomfortable to me
  • 4 of my diapers had snaps deform in the dryer. they melted a bit and are now sharp on the side that would be laying against my daughter's skin.
  • They are not trim in the front. Nanook's diaper cover is like an inch from her skin. She looks like she has a beer belly from this diaper.
The husband loves these diapers, probably because they're easy and quick to use. I do like that she can wear them without a snappi when she's going cover less and I like that we've NEVER had a leak. I paid $40 for 16 of them plus 8 doublers, and I think I got a great deal. At $11.95 each new, I don't know if we'll get more for the new babe or not.


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