Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Awakening this Morning

I think I've found why I dislike punitive discipline so much. Or, at least found a way to verbalize the reasons behind my feeling of dislike. And why I dislike the idea that I should punish my child the way God punishes me. Here it is: I am not God. I am not even a little God in the eyes of my child. Nor do I aim to be. I do not want that job. I do not want to take the place of God, but to face him with my family. To prepare my children to face him. I am raising my children to be my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I want my children to be disciples, not just disciplined.


Three Peas In A Pod said...

Even if God did punish us (which I don't believe He does), you're right we're not God! So true!

nanookmama said...

I don't know if He punishes us or not, though He certainly has every right to. I need to reword that part. Thanks for the comment!

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