Tuesday, March 23, 2010

no luck =(

So far no luck in any of my giveaways.

I suppose I should keep trying. Entering doesn't cost anything but time, so when I get some time, I'll give it to the giveaways.

For now, I've got my class, my workouts/weight loss, my daughter, my husband, my work, and my God to work on. That list is in no particular order by the way.

Sermons from this church have been kicking my butt lately. I put their pod cast on while I work in the kitchen (and since I started letting the kiddo have solids I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen) and I have been truly convicted, over and over. Preach it Russ, preach it!

Mirus and I attended that church while we were in Denver and we both really appreciated the way that Russ McKendry portrays/teaches/studies the Gospel. I always left church with something very practical and very important to work on, and I always felt equipped to do so. I also really respect the commitment of that church to be a church that the city needs. Russ always asks: "If we were to disappear tomorrow, would anybody notice?" It's a good question to be asking yourself. Really, truly, you should be noticed. Not because you're important or special, but because you did important, special things. This may be the only day you have, give it to God and leave your (and therefore God's) mark on the world.

i.e.: go out with a bang!



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