Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 3!

Did I do 30 Day Shred yesterday? No.
Do I feel guilty? Not really.
Sweet baby is sick with two pretty painful ear infections so she snuggled on my lap pretty much all day. This morning, I went to the gym with my neighbor and did the Shred. Most of the moves I'm modifying up a level, so I may try Level two either tomorrow or Friday.

I thought I was going to quit all the way through the workout. I kept giving myself chances and excuses over and over. I'd think, "I'll just do one circuit now and I'll do the other two later" or "I can skip all the cardio because I did the bike this morning" or "I don't need the leg stuff because I'm going for a walk later." But then I just didn't. I never quite got around to quitting. Then, I was done. And I'd done it all.

Schedule for the day:
Addie's nap
LLL meeting
finish my last assignment for class
dinner (hmm, what to make . . .)
time to relax with my sweet, beautiful daughter


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