Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Before I had my daughter, I had not anticipated the opportunity to worship that motherhood would provide. I have in motherhood not just a subject for praise but daily, hourly chances to praise God in action. To sacrifice for Him through my gifts to her. I don't get up at night and feed her because I like the nightlife. I don't do it out of obligation. Acts done out of obligation don't keep happening for long. I wake up at night because of a compassion that I feel, a love that I really had never experienced before I knew God. Learning my role as a child of God has given me a chance to better understand how it feels to receive unconditional love, and uncomprimised, unlimited grace. And I'm excited to give that to her. To honor what God has given me in my gifts of service to her.

"All that is within me cries
For you alone be glorified
Emmanuel, God with us."


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